Technology Projects: The Choices at Hand

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Whenever we are approached with a new technology project, we always try to have this conversation with the necessary stakeholders. When it comes to technology projects and your business, you need to keep three simple principles in mind: good, fast, and cheap and you can only choose two of these three. 

Every stakeholder wants their project completed in 24 hours and have it perfectly shaped to their business operations with no training necessary for their end users. I am not saying it is not possible to do this, but I will say that this project will most likely requires senior level development or engineering. We all know what comes along with that level of staffing. The cost for those Sr level people causes the project price to go up. 

Deciding which two factors to choose may revolve around many aspects of your business. You may have staff that embraces change very well and challenges with system changes get addressed with no stutter in your operational stride. In this scenario you may be able to move to a little more affordable system that you can fast track deployment without official training.  Ultimately the correct choice for your business is a critical decision, and it should not be taken lightly. If you are not an expert on the systems or project you are looking at deploying or building you should rely on those that are.   

At Peak IT Group, we analyze your business operations and processes so that we have a thorough understanding of them before we make any recommendations. We partner with many leading software packages and spend the time learning the ins and outs of them all so we can make good educated decisions on what is best for the customer. We also break down all the costs involved with your projects so that you feel less like you are taking a shot in the dark and more like you’re making a choice in your organization’s best interests.  

Are you looking for a strategic partner for your IT solutions? Contact us and let us show you what Peak IT Group can do for your company. 

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